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Roof Coating Specialist, Inc.

Roof Coating Specialist, Inc., is Arizona’s first choice in roof restoration and cold roof systems. With competitive pricing and quality workmanship, R.C.S., Inc., provides Arizona business and home owners with the confidence they deserve when selecting procedures available. R.C.S., Inc., is best able to provide a product that is unmatched by our competitors with a warranty that typically far exceeds any other.

The elastomeric products used in our liquid membrane systems are formulated exclusively for R.C.S., Inc., by an Arizona based manufacturer. With these quality products along with the assistance of a BASF research, R.C.S., Inc., is able to provide an unparalleled finished produced with features greater longevity, superior adhesion and long lasting UV protection when applied over any flat roof system.

All of our Certified Technicians are in-house trained and must complete a rigorous technical training course prior to receiving their certification from our coating provider. This policy requirement was introduced to the industry by R.C.S., Inc., and is not observed by any of our local competitors. Since R.C.S., Inc., has instituted this requirement, we have found this to be the best avenue in which to provide superior, professional workmanship to achieve customer satisfaction.

R.C.S., Inc., is a locally owned and operated company with a combined resource over fifty years of field and technical experience. Last year alone, R.C.S., Inc., completed over 3 million square feet of coating and/or membrane roof systems over a variety of existing surfaces. Our principle markets include business and home owners, commercial buildings, property management, as well as local and state government projects.

R.C.S., Inc., sincerely appreciates the opportunity to fulfill your roofing needs and to add your name to our list of satisfied customers.

Joe Shepler
Founder and C.E.O of Roof Coating Specialist, Inc.

Roof Coating Specialist, Inc